Crane operator (Telescopic crane)



About Mols Contractors

Mols is more than just our surname. It symbolises what we strive to achieve every day. We don’t only do this as an employer, it is also our aim as a contractor and even as an individual. 

  • The Mobility and Infrastructure of tomorrow
  • An organisation at which every employee is an integral part
  • Listening, Learning and Living
  • Safety Our Priority

We are a contractor specialising in civil engineering (including water treatment plants, bridges and tunnels, etc.), road works and slip forming. Mols Contractors also has its own crushing and concrete plant. We hold various certificates and permits, including an ISO and SCC** certificate, and operate in Belgium and the Netherlands.


  • You are highly motivated
  • Experience as a crane driver is a plus
  • SCC certificate/certificate of professional competence are additional plusses
  • Driver’s licence category B or C is a nice extra
  • You attach great importance to safety, collegiality and working in a team
  • Experience with 2D or 3D control is a plus
  • You are punctual, orderly and not afraid to accept responsibility

Job description

As a crane operator you not only operate the crane, you also ensure good preparation and follow-up. In real terms this means: 

  • Performing soil and shuttering work independently
  • Excavating sewer trenches together with the team
  • Assembly of prefab elements
  • Updating the on-board log
  • Preparing machines for and transporting by road
  • First-line maintenance of appliances and equipment
  • You help your team with road/sewer construction when there is no crane work
  • You register and forward monitoring and activity data

Besides a great job you also get:

  • A competitive wage according to PC 124 and experience
  • Full-time fixed-term contract for an indefinite period
  • Career and training opportunities
  • Amazing machinery
  • Variety and a say in affairs
  • A family atmosphere
  • Job security

Besides a great job you also get:

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