Mols Contractors is in its third century as an earthworks contractor. Not only has a lot changed in the way we work, the world also looks completely different to when Mols first saw the light of day. A summary.

1 st


The launch of Mols

Carolus Mols sets up a new company in Vosselaar: Louis Mols NV Algemene Aannemingen. He became a contractor for earth and water works and carried out repairs on the Kempen Canal in the north-east of Belgium. The work was done with their own boats from on the water.


The first man in the sky

The Wright brothers write history by being the first ever to make a successful flight in a motorised aircraft.

2 nd


Public works contractor

On 1 August 1935 Louis Mols - the son of Carolus - registered the company as a public works contractor. There was much demand for the construction of utility lines for water, gas, electricity and bridge building. He built structures including palisades, dyke reinforcements for the Beverlo Canal, reinforcements for the Dessel-Herentals Canal, bridges over the Kempen Canal (including Bridge 5 in Arendonk) and railways.


Road building

Mols' expertise expands; road construction is added to the activities.


The first man on the moon

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” These were the legendary words spoken by Neil Armstrong when he became the first man to set foot on the moon. Mols has been operating for 74 years.

4 th


Public works contractor

With the arrival of Frank Mols, the company is now in its 4th generation. Growth continues and Mols is increasingly becoming a fixture within the public works sector.


Move to Hoge Mauw industrial estate

In 1999 we say our farewells to the offices at the parental home in Arendonk. We move to the Hoge Mauw industrial estate where our offices have been located ever since.


Introduction of the Euro

On 1 January 2002 our Belgian franc was replaced by the Euro. Many other European countries do the same and the Eurozone comes into being.


Concrete plant

We open our new concrete and crushing plant. From then on you can also come to us for dumping various types of debris and the collection of different concrete products.

5 th


Father and son

David Mols joins the company. This sees the dawn of the 5th generation at the company. David together with his father Frank have been at the helm of the company to this day.


Louis Mols algemene aannemingen nv is replaced by Mols Contractors nv. With this new name we want to create a modern dynamism. We want to emphasise our activity as a general contractor and show that we are ready for the future.


A contractor of repute

Mols is a reputable contractor for civil engineering, road works and slide formwork. We work day in day out on bringing our projects to a successful conclusion.


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