Besides the mobility of tomorrow, we are also working on tomorrow’s world. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Our achievements

Construction of solar panel park

We are attempting to drastically reduce CO² emissions from our factory buildings. We have achieved this by installing a solar panel park on each of our roofs.

As a result we have cut CO² emissions by 50 tonnes a year.

LED lighting

We have replaced conventional lighting on the site, in our offices and workshops by LED lighting.
Its high efficiency means we can save up to 80% on electricity consumption. 
The long life of this lighting is also a boon for the environment.

Modern machinery

The environmental impact of mobile machines is determined by factors including the type of machine, its age and type of fuel used. As a response to this we continuously invest in modern machinery that always complies with current Euro standards for emissions.

Electrical vehicle fleet

We also want to make our vehicle fleet more sustainable. We are doing this by gradually electrifying our fleet which is also reducing emissions of CO². In the meantime we already have a number of hybrid and electric cars, with the first charging stations being installed.