Next to Mechelen Central Station, a railway building more than one and a half centuries old was moved over a distance of no less than 34 metres. The historical importance of this building meant it was decided to move it in its entirety rather than dismantle it. 

For this project nine concrete pipes were inserted under the building in which a sliding installation could be assembled. Then a 40 cm thick concrete floor slab was poured in several stages under the entire 2,400 m² building. 

The building was jacked up off its old foundations and moved 34 metres to its new location.

Description of the work:

  • Concrete work: 1,000 m³
  • Reinforcement: 115,000 kg
  • Earthmoving: 18,000 m³
  • Total weight of building to be moved: 5,000 tonnes
  • Slide length: 34 m

Special techniques:

  • Archaeological investigation
  • Explosives investigation
  • Jacking and sliding techniques